usetools blackbox: changelog

update [24 june 2008]

[+] gui for global fonts settings
("utp>>style tab>>fonts config" or "main menu>>blackbox>>fonts config").
[*] ability to set clocks height(utp>>mainbar tab>>clocks height)
[*] improved utp sliders. chose value from a dropdown menu next to slider.
[*] some styles changes.
[*] new menu icons.

update [18 may 2008]

[!] new core(build by Eliteforce).
[+] uberbox plugin added to utp('misc' tab)
[*] rewritten styles(compatability with a new splitvertical syntax).
[*] redesigned poweroff module
[*] "configure date&time" button to calendar.
[-] bbpager plugin removed(MSVCR dependence).

release v1.5 [4 may 2008]

[+] usetools control panel a.k.a. "utp" ("alt+win+c" or "main menu>>blackbox>>toggle utp").
[+] added bbleanskinmod plugin ("utp>>style tab>>toggle bbleanskin"). disabled by default.
[+] added bbcalendar (click on mainbar clocks).
[+] added bbpager ("win+w"). MSVC7 runtime dlls required.
[+] info screen. something like screensaver ("win+h" or "main menu >> blackbox >> toggle info").
[+] new styles - airlines, mojo and lesya.
[*] enabled workspaces. experimental.
[*] renewed icons.
[*] fixed bug, when some icons on taskbar get shrink.

update [11 march 2008]

[+] addon: text editor(notepad2) preconfigured for blackbox
[*] new core (bbclean0802)
[*] renewed icons in menu
[*] menu icons on 2nd level now 16px (was 32px)

release v1.4

+main font changed to 'GOST type B'
+added fontpack as addon
+new style - 'usetools'
*havily redisigned 'frost' style
*rewriten configs for better modular system support
*autosetup of size and position for all GUI elements
*much more smarter and faster installer script
*renewed icons in menu
*misc. bugfixes end improvements