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usetools blackbox (utbox) is powerful replacement of  wellknown  default  windows  gui shell  (i.e. explorer).  it  covers  all  basic  explorer's  functions (and components like taskbar, system tray, start menu, right click, etc.)
and adds its own  functionality ,  fast  and  smart  interface  and  great  stability  of working.
by disabling explorer shell windows os (tested on win xp sp2 and 2k3 sp1) begins new life with sharp and fast features reflecting not only on gui shell enviroment but the whole os working. we call it "windows without windows".
the main utbox idea is to provide extremly fast, tiny and stable shell for windows with the same (or more?) usabilty as common standard explorer shell has.

utbox is based on
bbClean and developed by kenaku (usetools)
with additional power, pathfinding and support of
alexsupra (usetools).

please note that utbox is newborn and still in development.
naturally that's absolutly freeware.
enjoy, send us your ideas and stay tuned!

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